Windows 10 – Intel HDMI Audio doesn’t work

After installing Windows 10 on my production device (with a Windows 8.1 Hyper-V VM as back-up, of course), I had an issue with the HDMI Audio of my Dell Latitude E6540 notebook. I found some topics online about setting the default format of the Audio device, such as sample rate and bit depth, but that doesn’t work for me.

I had to reconfigure my Receiver + 5.1 Audio as “5.1 Surround”, instead of the default “Stereo”. You can find this option when you right click the speaker-icon in your taskbar and then click “Sound”. The “Stereo” option worked for me before within Windows 8.1, but with Windows 10, I had to reconfigure this setting. After Windows Update installed the latest Intel Display Audio driver (, I had to configure the “5.1 Surround” again.

Let me know if you had these issues too!

Windows 10 - Sound Menu

5 thoughts on “Windows 10 – Intel HDMI Audio doesn’t work

  1. Yes experiencing this issue with Dell Optiplex machines using the HD Graphics 4600 chipset, also noticed it slow the graphics performance terribly until a use an analogy graphics card as my default sound device!

    Hope Dell gets this resolved soon!


  2. My PC is not a Dell. I use ASUS Z97-PRO M/B. However, it is using the HD Graphics 4600 chipset and situation is very similar.
    This issue occurred when I installed Hyper-V to Windows 10. I tried to watch Youtube, but intel HDMI audio didn’t work, not only that, movie is not smooth.
    Uninstalling Hyper-V, it works well again.


    • Dame thing happened to me, Intel HDGraphics do not send audio through HDMI when upgraded to the 1.0 versión available.
      Since this relevase IS la leed as beta, I suppose future releas es will fin the issue, úntil tren I’m staying with the la test sin 8.1 diversos AND Bloomington the update


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